5 Days Explore Siemm Reap Angkor Wat temple - Tonle Sap Lake tours

Day1- Siem Reap city airport arrival plus sunset tours
We welcome from Siem Reap airport  with a sigh with your onboard at exit door After immigration arrival hall to Siem Reap hotel check-in, drive to Kampong Kleang community to visiting floating/stilted house village, Mangrove  forest more than a half day, in the afternoon buy Angkor 3 days Angkor pass at 4:30 AM look at sunset- maybe at Pre Rup. free at 4: 30 MP to see the sunset and use the tickets for next day.

Day2- Temples On Grand Tours + Rolous Group Temple
Today pick up 8:30 AM to avoid from crowed heading to Peah Khan temple Buddhism monument next continue to Neak Pean, Tam Som ( The entrance with Tree at east tower ) temple built on East Baray  is East Mebon, We bring to have Luch one local restaurant nearby then continue to explore The Rolous Group temple the first small town of Khmer Hariharalaya located northern of largest Lake in southeast Asia and east of Siem Reap city transfer to hotel end of tours.

Day3- Kulen Waterfall park + Pink Lady Temple + Bantay Samre
pick up 8:00 AM Visit Bantay Samre built at Angkor Wat time in 12th century, located 400 meters at east Bay then best time to exploring Bantay Srey (citadel of women' dedicated to Shiva pink color Lady temple) Phnom Kulen Park with Waterfall the walked and see the 1000 Lingas, Reclining buddha in 16th century at top mountain. Phnom Kulen was campital during Angkoran era under reigh of King Jayavarman II and declared him self as Chakravarti ( King of Kings ) city was called Mahendraparvata ( the mountain of great indra) and Enjoy rest of time swimming at Shiva Waterfall back to the hotel the end of trip.

Day4- Angkor Wat Sunrise - Angkor Thom city - Taphroum  " Tom rider temple"
We wake up today is earlier at 5:00 AM seeing sunrise at the greatest religious, largest monument of Angkor Wat, breakfast at local restaurant ( ask your hotel packed your breakfast to claim up to top of Phnom Bakheng mountain getting view all the Siem Reap Town and temples area, South gate of Angkor Thom with two lines of images hold the Naga lead tower of city surrounding by moat, Ancient Angkor High Way bridge, 54 towers with 216 Charming smile faces, Bayon temple with faces of buddha, Baphoun,  Phi Meanakas, Royal Palace, Preah Parilalay, The Terrace of Elephants, Terrace of Leper King including North Kleang, stoping Photo Take and end site of royal university of Buddhism Ta prohm temple where temple overrun by giant tree, it is good sites on photography to return to hotel in Siem Reap end of tours.

Day5: Rarely tourists reached temples exploring adventure Preah Vihear - Koh Ker - Beng Melea

Today we visit the most remote attractions to northern and eastern of Siem Reap to Preah Vihear province and explore ruin and remote and rarely tourists temples exploring on the most remote adventure temples attractions. 
 The first Preah Vihear temple along Dangrek Mountain range, Preah an ancient Hindu temple had built period of Khmer Empire on top mountain 225-meter (1722 ft) at top Preah Vihear mountain wich 3hours away, then process to remote temples of Koh Ke Group, called Lingapura  the ancient city under reign of the Kings Jayavarman IV and Harshavarman II, was briefly the capital of the hole Khmer empire in years 928-944AD. Prasat Pram temple, Prasat Thom unparalleled is the 36-meter (118 ft)-high seven‑tiered pyramid, which most probably served as state temple other Linga temple in complex then Bengmelea pass farms and plantation photo on way then sped all time at Beng Melea temple known as vegetation temples back to the hotel.

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